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Do you carry liability insurance?

We are fully insured with both property and liability insurance to protect all parties involved.

Do you use licensed music?

Absolutely! We use high quality digital music that is licensed for use by Connect Music Licensing which basically means we are authorized to use the music for public performance or at private

Do you provide a written contract?

We issue a written contract for every event. We also issue written or emailed receipts for all payments made.

How long have you been in business? How much experience will my DJ have?

Our company was formed in the late 1960’s and incorporated in 1972. All of our DJs have at least 10 years of experience and are assigned based on the type of event, the demographics of the guests and any cultural considerations. We don’t train DJs – no one will be learning the trade at your dance floor’s expense!

Will the DJ also act as the Master of Ceremonies (MC?)

Absolutely!  MC duties are included with all of our packages at no additional cost.  We can do everything you need or work in conjunction with an MC you have chosen.

How does the DJ dress?

Although it can vary with the type of event, for all wedding and corporate events the DJ would be dressed in business attire with, at a minimum, a collared shirt and dress pants.  Most DJs wear a suit to formal occasions. Feel free to specify your dress requirements with our office or your DJ directly.

I can’t find a song in your collection. Can you still find/play it?

We have one of the largest libraries in Canada with over 500,000 songs.  If there is a song that you can’t find listed, we may have it already (just hasn’t been listed yet) or through our licensing with Connect Music we are licensed to obtain music from an approved legal source such as iTunes or Google Play. Feel free to use our “custom song” field in the request tools or just type in your song selection in the planning form and we will get it for your event!

Do you take requests?

Of course!  We are there to play what both you and your invited guests want to hear.  The difference between a good DJ and an exceptional DJ is the ability to read a crowd, know what to play, when to play it and what to follow it up with to keep the momentum going.  Our DJs are highly skilled at working in any requests when planning each song as the night progresses. We do not use pre-set playlists!

Do you take any breaks?

We do not take any breaks and offer continuous service from the minute your guests arrive to the last song of the night.

What is your backup plan in the event of a staff or equipment emergency?

All of our staff carry back up equipment on site plus we are one of the only local companies to have a staff member on standby each and every night ensuring our worry-free promise!

How much time do you require to set up?

Typically, our staff arrive 45-60 minutes prior to start time for set up.  This is of course dependent on room availability and the package you have selected.  Larger packages or more options require additional set up time. We do not charge for standard set-up or tear-down time.  

What are the payment requirements for deposit and balance payments?

Our standard deposits are $300 for the Essentials and Classic Packages and $500 for the Deluxe package.  Balance payments are typically due at or before the event. We also offer no-interest monthly payments with little or nothing down.  Please ask for details. We accept most forms of payment including credit card (by phone or through the client area), PayPal, email transfer (to, no password is necessary), cheque (made out to MacMillan Group) or cash.

Do you have online planning? Can I email the details/requests instead if I want to?

We have a great online planning system that includes a planning form, itinerary, music request tools, messaging system, secure payment gateway and a survey portal.  Please ask our office for login details to check out a test profile. Although the tools are optional (yes you can email details/requests) we recommend that wedding clients use at least the planning form so that we have all of the pertinent information in the event on an emergency with your originally assigned DJ.  Alternatively, please copy the office on your emailed information. 

Can we meet our DJ?

We absolutely recommend an in-person meeting with your DJ well before your date (we suggest about a month before) to discuss and finalize the event details.  At this point the DJ can answer any questions and make suggestions where necessary. Pre-booking meetings and any logistical questions regarding your event should be with our office staff.

Is it customary to tip the DJ?

Although it is not customary nor expected, many of our clients wish to thank the DJ with a monetary gift after a job well done.  They are appreciative!

Do we need to provide a meal for our DJ?

It is not a contractual requirement to provide a meal for your DJ and if you choose not to please inform the office so that arrangements can be made.  Please remember though that your DJ arrives well before anyone else and leaves long afterwards making it a very long day. A meal for your DJ is always appreciated.   You do not need to seat him/her at a guest table as they are happy to eat at their DJ station. Please feel free to select the lowest cost or vendor meal.

Are there any hidden charges (like travel, fees, etc.)?

There are no additional charges that are imposed after the contract is signed, unless you add any of our optional services.  Any travel charges would already be included in our quoted rates. Please note all prices are plus HST.

What does the facility need to provide to the DJ?

Please have your facility provide one 6’ banquet table with a table cloth.  Ideally the location of the DJ should be adjacent to the dance floor and not on the other side of the room or with guest tables in between.  This ensures good sound coverage of the dance floor as well as the ability to interact with your guests.

Can you provide coverage for my ceremony?

If your ceremony will be on-site at the reception location, we can absolutely provide sound coverage for your ceremony.  When you add the “ceremony services” we include, if necessary, a complete secondary sound system as well as a wireless microphone.  Early set up and pre-ceremony music is also included in the flat rate! For off-site ceremonies please contact our office to discuss the feasibility and cost.

What is the overtime rate?

Our standard overtime rate is $150 per hour (or part thereof), charged after the contracted end time (usually 1 am).  This can be paid directly to the DJ that night by cash, cheque or by credit card.

Do I need to provide cover from the elements for outdoor events?

Yes, please provide cover for your DJ for any outdoor events (not including ceremonies).  Rain and even hot sun are not very good for electronics! Because of the shorter duration, ceremonies can be exempt from this requirement, assuming inclement weather is not imminent. 

Can you work with live musicians or bands?

Yes!  We have worked with some fantastic live musicians and bands and are happy to work in between their sets.  Please note that DJ systems are not compatible with live musician’s needs so your band or live musicians would have to provide all the equipment that they need.  Our insurance coverage does not allow us to share our equipment for other’s use.