Your wedding photos are going to be cherished for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have the comfort of knowing they are in good hands. We’ve put together some advice we recommend to help you prepare for your wedding. Follow these wedding photography tips and you’ll be sure to capture all the memories from your special day.

Choosing Your Photographer
This might be pretty obvious, but you want to make sure you hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding. Do your research, and narrow it down to potential candidates for the job. A successful wedding photographer will have a portfolio showcasing their work. We recommend viewing the photographer’s portfolio before making your final decision. This will show you their style, and give you an idea of what your wedding photos will turn out like if you choose to have them as your photographer.

Connect with your Photographer
It is important to hire a photographer that you are comfortable with. You don’t want to feel awkward in front of the camera, so it may be helpful to connect with your photographer before your wedding day. Your photographer will be following you around throughout the duration of your wedding, so you want to make sure you don’t feel distressed by them constantly being around you.

Be Relaxed
It’s your wedding day, and all eyes and cameras are going to be on you. With that being said, try not to feel intimidated by the camera. Some photos will be planned, and others will be candid. For the planned photos, don’t stress about having the perfect pose. Just relax and act natural. Focus on your wedding and having fun, not worrying about how you will look in your photos. Your photographer knows how to make you look your best, just let them work their magic.

Give Direction
If there is anything specific you want your photographer to do, we recommend discussing it together prior to your wedding. This is also an opportunity to schedule general time slots for photos such as classic shots and family portraits. In addition, you can leave them a list to remind them of things you really want them to capture. Give your photographer directions, however don’t micromanage them. Remember, you are most likely hiring an experienced professional, so trust that they are capable of fulfilling your needs.

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