Picking the music for your wedding is easier said than done. It can be surprisingly difficult to create what may be the most important playlist of your life. Before throwing together all of your favourite songs, we’ve created a list of wedding music dos and dont’s to help you plan the soundtrack for your special day.

DO – Have assistance with creating your soundtrack
Although you are more than capable and probably already have several pre-made playlists, it is important to have assistance with creating the soundtrack for your wedding. When it comes to creating a playlist, everyone has their go-to songs. That’s why you should consider the opinions of others when picking the music. We’re not saying to ask every guest attending your wedding what their favourite song is, but an option would be to have an online guest request portal (which MacMillan can provide!) where guests can make pre-wedding song requests. Finally, to make things more special, whomever you’re dancing with should have a say in the song too, such as your first dance track, and parent-child dances.

DO – Have your DJ finalize your playlist
It is beneficial to go over your song selections with your DJ, and have your DJ give feedback on your playlist. They’ll be able to give you their advice on what songs they think you should keep, and what songs they think should be cut. When working with a DJ, take into consideration the songs and sequencing they suggest. Remember, DJs are professional and have the knowledge and experience to read the crowd, keep things flowing, and your guests on the dance floor.

DON’T – Skip Soundcheck
Before your ceremony begins, it is very important for the wedding musicians and/or DJ to complete their soundcheck. Event spaces all have inherent sound issues that will need to be addressed before your event begins. To avoid mic checks and sound issues during your grand entrance, it is mandatory that your DJ completes a soundcheck prior to guest arrival.

DON’T – Make your playlist too short
Make sure your playlist has enough songs to accurately reflect your music preferences. We recommend providing your DJ with around 20-30 of your favourite songs. This will help your DJ get an understanding of your music tastes and will allow them to keep the night flowing in that direction.

DO – Be aware of the volume
Lastly, it is very important to be aware of the volume of the music. You don’t want your wedding music to be too loud as it can be distressing to your guests. You also don’t want your wedding music to be too quiet as it can be too hard to hear and therefore too hard to dance to. A confident DJ knows the appropriate volume to use, turning it down while guests are chatting at dinner, and turning it up when it’s time to hit the dance floor.

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